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New patients and same day emergencies are always welcome. Whether you have all your teeth, none, or even none yet, there is a place for you here. Before you have your first tooth, we can provide oral hygiene instruction and prevention. If you are missing teeth, we can help you realize alternative treatments to maintain and improve your quality of life, thereby allowing you to smile and eat the way you want! By providing the regular examinations and maintenance that having teeth requires we can help improve your smile!


Dr. Tam practices all aspects of dentistry. This encompasses the treatment of teeth, gums, and surrounding hard and soft tissues. A sample of what we do:



teeth whitening, veneers, 'bonding'



root canal therapy


Oral Surgery

extractions, biopsy



children's dentistry, prenatal education, 'well baby' visits, sealants



gum treatment, 'cleanings'



crowns, bridges, dentures, implants



white fillings, prevention



night guards, sport mouth guards


If you any uncertainties, questions or concerns, we are here for you. We are always open for discussion and consultation.

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